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Ch'an Buddhism

Ch'an Buddhism is one of the oldest and largest of the Mahayana Schools with its spiritual roots located in China. Dragon Mountain is the New England Regional Office of the International Ch'an Buddhist Institute and is one of it's recognized centers of martial value for the study of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu in the West. Master Tribe teaches using the traditional methods of interview, Hua Tou and traditional letter/poem exchange with her students. The studies focus on the practical development of the three treasures in the students life using physical, mental, spiritual and social approaches. Students develop meditative practices, receive guidance, direction, support and challenge from the Master Teacher, study Sutras, Qi Gong, and develop active discipline in their life to realize Buddhist spiritual, economic, political and social values in the modern world. By moving within the different skills, you become whole. This is an antidote to the overspecialization of the modern world that leaves you without the ability to act. Freedom always begins when you know what you can do. You learn what you can do from discovering how to master the different elements of your being and apply them in unique combinations to solve any problem. 

About Us

In Ch'an Buddhism, the dragon plays many roles -- as a symbol of enlightenment and also as a symbol for ourselves. For example, "meeting the dragon in the cave" is a metaphor for confronting one's own deepest fears and obstacles. Dragon Mountain is a religious organization that serves the community no matter what their faith or affiliation. Our sole mission is to end suffering and to this end we support education, healthcare initiatives, food and assistance relief programs through providing direct care or assistance to other agencies.

Our goal is to create total wellness in the lives of our members, and the members of the surrounding community - through incorporating dharma/Dharma, cultural traditions, arts, energy, physical and medical arts.

Building Community

It is together that we find our way through.

Dragon Mountain offers a resource to all in helping to enhance, nurture and sustain community.

We support community through:

- membership and participation in our programs,
- direct community support for members and non-members through our programs and volunteer services,
- providing wellness programs to organized communities for diverse and/or marginalized populations.
- providing instruction on-site, in person and via the Internet

Our 8 main ways of supporting community are found in our:
1. Wellness and energy programs
2. Food/life relief initiatives
3. Relief services through volunteering & career choice
4. Compassionate Facilitator Training
5. Grief & Bereavement Services
6. Animal Therapy Partner Services
7. Ch'an Buddhist Instruction
8. Internet based instruction & support

Be a part of an active and growing community whose purpose is to serve to create sustainable change in how we live our lives and support each other in community.

Contact Us

Study sutras and learn to breathe. Meditate with eyes open. All instruction space is currently filled.
Read the Diamond Sutra, The Flower Adornment Sutra, The Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom Sutra. (online texts freely available)
Listen to the Vairocana Mantra and Prajna Paramita by Imee Ooi (on youtube).
Learn by watching and doing the Chen Tai Chi 18 Form (GrandMaster ZhengLei Chen) and 18 Lohan Hands (Shi DeYang) ---- both on youtube.
If you have dire emergency email