Compassion - Frugality - Humility

Physical, Mental & Spiritual Training

We keep classes small to provide individual attention. We offer community programs in Tai Chi and Qi Gong, an online Dharma School, and private sessions in person, via email or on Skype.

Every class presents a combination Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Chen Tai Chi, Jian Shu, Meditation, Buddhism and Wellness practices because they are interrelated. To study just one, would be to miss the fullness of its form. The breathing in Meditation is found in Qi Gong while Tai Chi prepares for the fluidity of the Snake in Kung Fu which shows the student how to manage the sword in Jian Shu and the quietness of the mind in Jian comes from Meditative practice. Everything, in all of these arts, is based in circular movements, the turning of the Karmic wheel. By moving within the different skills, you become whole. This is an antidote to the overspecialization of the modern world that leaves you without the ability to act. Freedom always begins when you know what you can do. You learn what you can do from discovering how to master the different elements of your being and apply them in unique combinations to solve any problem. NEW in 2015 - VSEE SESSIONS NOW AVAILABLE.

Study Ch'an Buddhism

Ch'an Buddhism is one of the oldest and largest of the Mahayana Schools with its spiritual roots located in China. Dragon Mountain is the New England Regional Office of the International Ch'an Buddhist Institute and is one of it's recognized centers of martial value for the study of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu in the West. Master Tribe teaches using the traditional methods of interview, Hua Tou and traditional letter/poem exchange with her students. The studies focus on the practical development of the three treasures in the students life using physical, mental, spiritual and social approaches. Students develop meditative practices, receive guidance, direction, support and challenge from the Master Teacher, study Sutras, Qi Gong, and develop active discipline in their life to realize Buddhist spiritual, economic, political and social values in the modern world. New in 2015 - the Digital Dharma School. Click on the button to schedule a Skype session with Master Tribe. Using Skype is one of the best ways to integrate study and life no matter where you are located. Upon purchase, you will be contacted to set a convenient time for the session .

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Community Health Literacy & Adult Literacy Initiative

The Health Literacy Initiative features 22 different health topics from Diabetes to Life Style Diseases, Nutrition to Burn Out using educational modules from the WHO/CDC Global Health Initiative that are presented free of charge at community centers. You can support this program at The Adult Literacy Program is unique and free adult literacy program using the SightPhonics system. We teach individuals at community centers to read, and teach them how to then run their own program using this material to help others in their community. You can support this program at

Compassionate Facilitator Training

Dragon Mountain offers a program to help facilitators in all disciplines to learn how to lead and manage group reactions with compassion. The root of being a compassionate facilitator lies in knowing how to maintain a balance between directing, responding, allowing, facilitating and setting limits. Compassionate facilitators become able to remain flexible with the structure and approach of the group to better meet the needs of the members. CFT also shows how to take care of the self while in the leadership role. In teaching group leadership, we emphasize the process of companioning (based on the work of Alan Wolfelt), the use of massline assesment (based on the work of Master Tribe) and the integrated acceptance (as found in the methods of teaching of traditional Ch'an Buddhism). Each person who completes the training is issued a certificate. Training is available for groups and individuals in person or via Skype.

Responsive Wellness Program

Meditation has been shown to bring great benefits to emotional, mental and physical health. Wellness is the practice of looking at the whole aspect of a person's life and making changes as needed, or strengthening what should be nurtured. It can take the form of nutrition, coaching, hypnotherapy, developmental meditation or even learning how to play the game GO (WEIQI). Moving meditation is one of the most easily accessible forms of meditation and it is present in all of the training. Our Responsive Wellness Program (RWP) uses a mix of Western and Eastern physical movements to promote health, strength and increased flexibility for person's with impaired mobility; followed by a brief period of meditation that can take on many forms. The goal of the program is to be as responsive to the needs of the group and to meet members where they are at in the presence to increase the greatest health and wellness effect for the whole. The RWP is a program we bring to community centers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Therapy Partner Services (Animal Assisted Wellness)

Animals serve a unique place in the world's of therapy, healing and Ch'an Buddhism. At Dragon Mountain, there are a cat, 3 fish and 4 finches that serve as models for living and community. Their presence is often helpful to those with varying degrees of ADHD/ADD, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Serious Mental Illness be able to learn how to self-manage symptoms and to self-regulate emotions. In 2015, our newest member - a yellow sided green cheeked conure will be available for home and facility visits in groups and for private sessions as part of our Therapy Partner services for person's with Alzheimer's, PTSD and other Serious Mental Illness. Our Therapy Partner team is trained in providing services to Veteran's with PTSD as well.

Community Qi Gong & Tai Chi

The closest translation to qi (chi) is breath or energy. It is most commonly referred to as the life energy within us. Qi Gong techniques focus on maintaining and nurturing balance within that affects your relationships to the world without. The traditional Qi Gong techniques taught emphasize overcoming health and energy problems unique to the Western culture. Moving meditation is one of the most easily accessible forms of meditation and it is present in all of the training. We combine Qi Gong with alternative and complementary healing arts, as well as providing consultation on effective weight loss and weight management, pain management and symptom relief. Chen Tai Chi is one of the oldest forms of this martial art and the one closest to its Qi Gong roots. It features varying speeds of movement to enhance physical mobility, control and strength.

The Providence Death Cafe

Inspired by the work of Bernard Crettaz, the Death Cafe is a non-profit global social group that sponsors events where people, often strangers, gather to eat cake, drink tea and discuss death. Our objective is 'to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite) lives'. A Death Cafe is a group directed discussion of death with no agenda, objectives or themes. It is a discussion group rather than a grief support or counselling session. The Providence Death Cafe is on hiatus until October of 2015. Please check for the announcement later in September for its first return date.

About Us

Compassion - Humility - Frugality

In Ch'an Buddhism, the dragon plays many roles -- as a symbol of enlightenment and also as a symbol for ourselves. For example, "meeting the dragon in the cave" is a metaphor for confronting one's own deepest fears and obstacles. The Dragon Mountain Temple and Zen Community Center is a religious non-profit that serves the community no matter what their faith or affiliation. Our sole mission is to end suffering and to this end we support education, healthcare initiatives, food and assistance relief programs through providing direct care or assistance to other agencies.

In keeping with the needs of modern times, the Master Instructor, Cassandra Tribe, is trained in the major philosophies and tenets of the local major religions so as to assist people who are not Buddhist to honor and serve their faiths, identify common practices and work together to enlighten and enrich the local community. We believe that the community is best served when all strive towards the common goal to alleviate suffering and increase economic, health and spiritual well-being.

We provide programs to educate students on traditional Chinese culture and arts, Ch,an Buddhism, Shaolin Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Chen Tai Chi and Jian Shu; as well as serve to provide support and training in the contemplative practices of other faiths. In addition, the Center is also key to providing community service programs that not only bring wellness care to marginalized communities in Rhode Island and all of New England, but serves as a means for students to engage in community service.

Our goal is to create total wellness in the lives of our members, and the members of the surrounding community - through incorporating dharma/Dharma, cultural traditions, arts, energy, physical and medical arts.

Building Community

It is together that we find our way through.

Dragon Mountain offers a resource to all in helping to enhance, nurture and sustain community.

We support community through:

- membership and participation in our programs,
- direct community support for members and non-members through our programs and volunteer services,
- providing wellness programs to organized communities for diverse and/or marginalized populations.
- providing instruction on-site, in person and via the Internet

Our 8 main ways of supporting community are found in our:
1. Wellness and energy programs
2. Food/life relief initiatives
3. Relief services through volunteering
4. Compassionate Facilitator Training
5. Grief & Bereavement Services
6. Animal Therapy Partner Services
7. Ch'an Buddhist Instruction
8. Internet based instruction & support

Come be a part of an active and growing community whose purpose is to serve to create sustainable change in how we live our lives and support each other in community.

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